On this Memorial Day, singer Jan Daley is looking back on the 50th anniversary of performing with Bob Hope in Vietnam on those famous USO Tours.

She’s also looking back 75 years to another military moment in her life that still gets to her today, so many years later.

“I think we should never forget Bob Hope and what he brought to the world and brought especially to all the servicemen and women,” said Daley.

She witnessed it firsthand, traveling with Hope and the USO all over Vietnam.

Hope did 57 USO tours over 50 years. He always had Daley end their holiday shows in Vietnam with one particular Christmas song, “Silent Night.”

Daley said that was Hope’s idea because he knew the troops would sing along with her.

“When they joined in,” she said, “it meant even more and it took that moment that it wasn’t a sad thing. They were home at that moment.”
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