Bob and Dolores Hope came from modest means; he, the son of a stonemason and homemaker, and she, the daughter of a bartender and saleslady in a dry goods store.

“Growing up with six brothers, I knew what it meant to go to bed hungry…until I developed a longer and quicker reach at the dinner table,” Bob would often say.

Despite their humble beginnings, this compassionate couple wanted to make sure their giving hearts continued to live on, even beyond their 100+ years.  We all know about the legacy of laughter that Bob Hope left the world, but Bob also knew that there isn’t much to laugh about when you’re living in poverty.  The Hopes believed that if basic human needs are met, all people, even the underprivileged, can work hard and succeed.  “If your stomach’s empty, you don’t care about an education,” Dolores once said.  “If you’re shivering in the cold, you can’t do a good job.  We need to feed, shelter and clothe the poor.  In that order.”

Bob Hope, in his meteoric rise from that impoverished kid growing up in Cleveland to one of the most famous, beloved and celebrated human beings in modern history epitomized the realization of the American Dream. It is no surprise then that the bulk of his estate, and the income generated from it, will now go to meeting the basic needs of underprivileged Americans so that they, too, may pursue and attain that Dream.

Thanks to the Hopes, the hope of many lives on.