Please review the Foundation’s funding guidelines and your organization’s eligibility. If you believe that your project and organization meet these criteria, the first step is to submit a Letter of Inquiry to the Foundation. If your project appears to be a viable candidate for a grant from the Bob & Dolores Hope Foundation, you will receive an invitation to complete a full application.

Specific instructions for your Letter of Inquiry, in addition to the Foundation’s guidelines and priorities, are described below. The Bob & Dolores Hope Foundation reviews Letters of Inquiry on an ongoing basis.

Letters of Inquiry should be no more than two pages and include:

  • An introduction of your organization, its mission, the organization’s headquarters and the areas and numbers served
  • A copy of your IRS tax status determination letter
  • Clearly stated need or problem and description of the project or program
  • Timeline for implementing the project – when and where the project or program will occur
  • List other agencies and funding partners, how much funding is raised, how much is in-hand, the amount requested from the Bob & Dolores Hope Foundation, and specify when and how the funding will be used
  • Provide an office number, including extension, fax number and email address for the contact person who can best respond to questions about the inquiry as well as the organization’s website.

If the Letter of Inquiry reflects our Foundation’s funding priorities, we may request a full application.  Applications should only be submitted to the Foundation upon request. Unsolicited applications will not be returned. Submission of an inquiry or application should not be interpreted as an indication of likely support.

All Letters of Inquiry should be directed to Anthony V. Montalto, Executive Director, Bob & Dolores Hope Foundation, 800 Westchester Avenue, Suite N-641, Rye Brook, NY 10573.  Letters of Inquiry may also be e-mailed to tony@bobhope.org.

Applications received after November 1 will not be accepted for the current year.  Any application received after the deadline date can be included with that applicant’s request for the following year.